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My Trash to Treasure Craft Table

Updated: Jan 6, 2018

On a Saturday morning trip to get myself a much needed cup of over priced coffee. I became of those know the kind that stops in the middle of the road like they own it. I had eyed spied this table just sitting on the curb. I no longer need my caffeine rush a Craftytessie rush was pushing thru my brain.

How I went from this sad black drop down table to this beautiful up-cycled craft table.

Well first I loaded the table all by myself in the back of my Tahoe and rushed home, Stop

I knew this was going to be the prefect craft table in my back room for me to build my wreaths on, So off I went into my husband garage to find all the stuff for my little project.

First I removed the paint.

than gave it a good sanding with the sander.

At this point I just tapped off sections and stained them all the different colors the hubby had on the shelf.

Added some paint to the sides and to some of the slats and than hand sanded it.

Gave it a good coat of polyurethane.

added some wall paper to the sides of the drawers just to jazz it up.

Finished and I love how my trash to treasure table turned out,

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